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Jupiter never fails to give students the “WHOA!”

It was friday, October 29 , when our club stayed late at school to gaze at Jupiter. Rain in the morning till afternoon,  clouds covering the night sky and a Halloween Party of the high school department (which we actually enjoyed  :D) threatened to spoil the night, but we didn’t came home disappointed – Jupiter peeped through the clouds!

And as a science teacher and an astronomy club moderator, the most rewarding experience is  to see your students fascinated by astronomy, hear them say the “whoa” ,”ooh” and “wow!” , get them to ask questions about the universe- what is out there? is there life in that planet? how come there’s none ? how big is the universe and when did it all happen?  Things and questions like that will give you a hint that one way or another you had infected them with the astronomy bug and its a good news for me.

It was about  401 years since Galileo took a peep inside a telescope and it revolutionized  astronomy as a science. Because of it we came to know a lot of things our ancestors just imagined about.  Today though its seems that is and old discipline, especially in here in the Philippines,  and not as beneficial as other branches of science, astronomy as quoted from Dr. Muriel in his talk on SEAAN in RTU, that “Astronomy is or should be like a net, once you get hooked to it, you’ll get to love Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Even Biology… ” . And his statement gave me inspiration to pursue studying and teaching astronomy- in and out of the class and hope that some day, one or two or even dozens of future astronomers will soon emerge from these students .