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It was Gassendi.

I tried imaging the moon the night before the opening of classes. I was just randomly scanning through its surface details and then with no particular reason, this crater caught my attention. Not knowing what that lunar feature was, I tried comparing the picture to a program called Virtual Moon Atlas,

Alas! It was Gassendi.

A 110 km crater named after a French priest, philosopher, mathematician and of course, an astronomer


Saturn after the Storms in Manila

Its been a rainy week here in Manila, classes and work were suspended because of Juaning and  Kabayan which a few (or a lot?) students enjoyed. I did  also enjoy the “holiday” but that could be my chance to stay up late and do some observations but obviously that type of vacation for a casual amateur astronomer could not enjoy .  😦

I’ve been itching to try and image Saturn for quite some time to test my Philips ToUcam which I acquired through  but due to busy schedule and the wet seasons it was all but a plan. Then finally, just right after typhoon left the country,  I was able to get to see stars, moon and planets once again ! Yey! 😀

Seeing conditions are limited greatly by fast moving clouds, strong winds coming from south and Saturn starting set early at around 40degrees above the horizon (9:00 Local Time).