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When it’s OK to skip Breakfast

Mom’s best advice is to never skip break fast because  its the most important meal of the day, but not today, not this morning.  As I continue on my morning ritual, I saw Jupiter  still high on the western sky, inviting . Quickly, I grab my telescope and start to boot my laptop ready. With little time to set up  I didn’t bother to use Autostar controller, instead I resulted to manual control.  It was 5:30 am already, the sky is already bright and the sun is about to rise around 5:45am and I’m also about to get late to school.  I was able to capture 20 sec raw avi and abruptly packed my things up.

I went to work with an empty stomach but had a filled heart.


The Moon, The Bald and The Ugly.

(DISCLAIMER: Thoughts pointed out by the author does not neccesarily reflect the views of its employer)

Its been a while since I took a good look at the moon, while resting and enjoying the lunacy inducing object, something spherical slipped into my head. I started pondering why is that schools doesn’t allow a semi bald (shaved) head? It is something my belief-system couldn’t logically accept but I implement as part of my duty and the irony is, I do wear the same haircut.

Being bald, most of the time associated with evil. As depicted in movies, comics and etc., most of the villain and anti hero are bald. And according to top 100 villain of all time of AFI, Dr. Lecter which is a balding cannibal psychiatrist (Silence of the Lamb) gains the top spot and a quick google on top comic villain includes Ming the Merciless and Lex Luthor were present on the list. Who would of course forget recent movie villain like Voldemort, ooops! He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, Nizam of Prince of Persia and the list goes on.

Locally, anyone within my generation knows “Anak ni Baby Ama” as portrayed by Robin Padilla which is undeniably an icon of anti-heroes. So wearing a bald head can give you a nick name “Baby Ama! Baby Ama!”. Talk about stereotypes eh?! Ever hear of the street saying “Kalbo masamang tao” (bald people are bad)? Guess what, top ten evil men wears a decent hair cut! HA!

So what else is in store for us shaved headed (or bald, intended or naturally) people?

In reality, being bald has its advantages over those suave so full of hair heads, and here are some it:

1. ECONOMY. Imagine how much shampoo will you save? You are free from using hair gels, polishers and wax which prices are not safe from fluctuations on the global stock market!

2. IT KEEPS YOU FROM GETTING LATE. While the rest of the students are sculpting their heads, you could just quickly put your uniform after taking a bath a viola! Your good to go and avoid the rush!

3. GIVES YOU MORE FOCUS ON STUDIES. While others are busy checking hair styles re-combing and reapplying wax, you could just sit back, relax, read more, and listen well to lectures since you won’t be so conscious if your hair is still neat and in place. You’ll be in honors list in no time! 😀

I do not have against so called “proper” haircuts or anything nor want to argue bout school policies, it’s just that we could focus more on things beyond the superficial hair styles but focus whats inside which would really show the true decency in them.

My two cents.

For the mean while, I’ll have to enjoy gazing at the moon!