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Lunar Eclipses of 2011

I feel lucky to witness the two lunar eclipses that happened this year. The first happened last June 16, which also coincides with the centennial celebration of Lasallian Prescence in the Philippines.   We observed the eclipse at the Manila Observatory with some friends and colleagues from the Philippine Astronomical Society.  No clouds nor rain spoiled the night so we all feast at the Moon uninterruptedly.It ended around 4:30am after that I have to go to school though I’m very sleepy, but It was a great experience

(Got featured on a morning news! :D)                         ( Eclipse sequence )

The second one happend last November 10. It has been a rainy week before the eclipse, everyone in the local astronomy communinty hopes that it would stop before or atleast in the onset of the eclipse. We were almost hopeless when the moon started to show up, playing hide and seek behind clouds. We had a good view of the moon until a huge mass of clouds covered the moon minutes before its totality! Talk about great timing! But the was not all stingy so after a few minutes, the moon gave again its red shine smile.