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Friday, Saturnday

Saturn undoubtedly is a majestic planet, it always such a fascinating object on the eyepiece that you won’t be surprised that Galileo thought of it as an ear. I’m trying to work on to have the best possible detail on this planet. For now, this is  what I can offer.

Captured using Philips Toucam + Meade ETX 125 on Benro KH25 Tripod. Processed using Registax.


Hello Mars!

Finally I was able to capture Mars for the first time. I’m trying to convince myself that I see those surface features and its polar cap. I’ll use barlow lens on my next attempt.

this tiny red dot is actually Mars.

Test Images

Wednesday, Saturnday

I was hoping to image Mars earlier this morning but my location does not permit me to do so,  instead I tried imaging Saturn.  No tracking / motor mount was used to capture this image.

StarTrek(king) Experience

Not the  Star Trek you’re thinking about, but taking STAR gazing and TREKKING all in the same road. I came along with my good old friends and tried trekking on Mt. Batulao located in Nasagubu, Batangas.

Determined that I’ll do some astronomical observation, I brought a pair of binoculars but with a certain feeling of discontent, perhaps due to aperture addiction, I also packed my ETX 125 with me ,  talk about a spine breaking feat!

And just like all astronomical hard work and en devour of bringing a heavy telescope up in the mountains, nature will always humble man’s desire – in short, clouds and a bit of rain came T_T. It was really, REALLY frustrating to have clouds devour every bit of star in the sky, NOOOOOOOO! is all that I could say.


But at the end of it all, having a good time with friends and loved ones,  reconnecting with nature and appreciating its work is satisfying already.

                                                           Watching sunrise, breathing fresh air.

Moon Over Mountain Peek

                                                   As a consolation,the moon gave us a show at dawn.

(Afocal shot of Moon taken from Nokia N8)


Asking me if I would bring a telescope up in the mountains? Haha that I do not know!


*Images courtesy of Ronald and Alex