From the classroom, to the Universe

Star Apples and Stars

Light pollution is a cancer on an urban place like Manila. City lights could glow 30 degrees above the horizon, hiding most of the stars on the background. One has to go to areas which is free or atleast with less light pollution in it.

We went to a place some where in Montalban, Rizal which is approximately 31kms away from Manila.

Orion and a Lonely Tree on a Quarried Mountain. Rizal is one of the places where lots of quarrying activity happens.

Faint hint of Orion Nebula.

Big Dipper Asterism of Ursa Major.

And of course , Star Apple which is locally known as caimto (Chrysophyllum cainito).  The taste is true to what the picture depicts – sweet, creamy and juicy.


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