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Last Transit of our Lifetime.

One of the reasons why the transit was very much anticipated, observed and documented  is its rarity. In fact the next one won’t happen till the next century, not within our lifetime. Things could be very different by that time, whatever that is, what is important is to keep the passion of Astronomy passed on to the next generation, we can never tell where the science can lead them to.

Here is a short article of the event written by my student:

Last June 6, 2012, we went to Manila Observatory at the Ateneo de Manila to see a very rarephenomenon: it is the “Venus Transit”. Venus Transit or Transit of Venus happens when the planet Venus passes directly between Sun and Earth. What is special about this phenomenon is that it occurs in a pattern that repeats with pairs of transits eight years apart separated by long gap of 105 years. Apparently, the last transit occurred last June 6 and the prior to that was last June 8, 2004. It is expected that the next appearance of Venus Transit will beon December 10–11, 2117, and in December 2125.

The planet Venus appeared to be very small and very dark. It actually looked like just one of the sunspots of the Sun and every minute the Venus moved around the face of the Sun.  We are able to observe this by using telescopes. We are given so much chance to look on different telescopes that are settled up. Different telescope gave us different colours and perspectiveswith the on-going transit.Seeing the Venus Transit was one of the things that we enjoyed for staying there for almost 9 hours.

The whole experience was extremely fun,though it was from the morning until the afternoon which was very tiring. We also had a chance to have a small talk with Sir Edmond. From that short time talk, we gained so much knowledge about the transit and other phenomena that are happening inside and outside the Earth. We are so much honoured in meeting and talking with him. And of course, we are also thankful to the persons behind this event for giving us opportunity to witness this extraordinary event.


Seeing the marker of the capsule makes think If I could still see it by then, but..

..let’s keep on passing the light of the stars till then.