From the classroom, to the Universe

Teaching Physics? Really?

I learned physics through lectures.Through lectures I teach physics, logical isn’t?

But I am not happy with the instructional method of lecturing but it really felt like it was effective, simple and convenient. I deliver the lecture (ccompanied with a LCD projector, with some demos), students nod and smile, we do seat works, cheesy stuffs, – PERFECT!  I can tell I did a good job. But reflecting on reality of the exam I gave , which is based on conceptual reasoning on motions – I was surprised! Most failed and even the best students didn’t get the scores they expected to.  Was the test poorly constructed? Or perhaps the instructions was ineffective.

In the past few months, I’m trying to learn teaching the subject through modeling. Results according to proponents were promising. I am but ready to jump to the wagon but my schedule isn’t. I’ve got a month to teach half of the remaining topic for physics. I feel that I won’t make it in time, or I won’t cover as much as I need, again, an age old debate on quality vs quantity.

I just hope modeling instruction workshops are available on this side of the planet. For the mean time, thanks to teachers who blog and share their modelling experience, I’ll try to learn myself through for the benefit of my students learning.


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