From the classroom, to the Universe


I can’t help but be really frustrated in trying to do modeling instructions for my class. Are my students ready for this method? Are their mathematical skills adequate? I’ve got 40 students per class on the average, how can I be sure if everyone gets to work and understand it? Will I make it on time as prescribed by the scope and sequence for first quarter? Importantly – will they take the challenge of answering real life problems or are they contented in the traditional, static and pseudo-reality problems? More importantly – am I ready for this? can I do it? Should I halt? If not now, then when? Resistance to change is normal.  It takes more than a mountain of courage to change ideals and practice. I am not surprised after all, it took centuries for people to accept and believe that the earth is at the center of the solar system and matter is made up of smaller particles!


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