From the classroom, to the Universe

Inquiry Approach on Free Fall, Hang time – Kobe Over a Car

In our discussion about the concepts of free fall, we ventured on real problem students never thought nothing like possible to analyze. It was inspired by modeling instruction from educational blogger  Frank Nosche . The instruction was basically anchored on the Karplus inquiry cycle.

Initially, I let them watch at Kobe’s viral ad about jumping over an aston martin for his Hyper dunk shoes. The video itself is enough to attract and spark a conversation as well as initial ideas on the authenticity of the video itself – whether a human given a jumping ability of Kobe can possibly do the stunt , of course explaining through laws of physics!

It was rather difficult at start but it was never the less very productive since it authenticated understanding (and discovering for themselves) real life problem solving. Given “googleable” facts like height, car dimensions they were able to deduce jump height and as well as the hangtime of Kobe, which was needed to compare the time of the car passing in front of the frame thereby, giving them the chance to calculate the  velocity of the car.

 (Kobe’s height served and the video’s “ruler”)

 (Based from his height, one can deduce his jump height)

Students response on the problems are great. Hope I could post them soon!


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