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Star Trekking II – Mt. Balagbag

After my first mountaineering adventure with a heavy telescope on my back, I told my self I won’t be doing it again,  well at least not with a heavy 5 inch telescope. So this time we chose a mountain, more like of a hill rather, which is really easy and not quite far from Manila which is Mt. Balagbag located almost in between of Bulacan and Rizal Province.  The trail there was quite easy and we had the luxury of not getting burned by the scorching heat of the sun since we trekked in the afternoon, apparently no trees are present around the trail, I would not suggest going up on near noon time.

Trail to the Summit

The cool breeze in the afternoon was very relaxing after the trek to the registration area where we were entertained by the caretaker’s cat.


Mt. Balagbag is not difficult to climb but the scenery around is nevertheless spectacular.


Mt. Balagbag

A 3.5″ Maksutov Cassegrain telescope named “Karen” which is short for kaladkaren. A bring it everywhere telescope, lightweight and portable!

3.5 Inch Maksutov

It was cloudy the whole night but the early morning skies was majestic.  Moon, Saturn, Mercury and Venus in line.

Moon, Saturn Mercury and Venus

Sunrise over another mountain peek. Taken using a Canon 550d on a SkyWatcher 3.5″ Mak using a Thousand Oaks Solar Filter.


Photo Credits:

Kashogi Astapan


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