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M42 Orion Nebula

Its was a clear day and I had a chance to do some quick imaging of the Orion Nebula at Salt Pan Reserve in the suburb of Riverwood,NSW. I was a bit hesitant because I was alone and not familiar with the place. Thankfully it was a safe and friendly place and I met a few people who were curiuos to what was I am doing.  Luckily I was able to share a few stars and the nebulas with them.

15 meters away from the car park ,light posts and apartments around gave heaps of glow in sky but I was able capture 12×10 second subs of M42.

Image details:

10×12 sec exposure at 1600ISO using Canon 700D and Skywatcher 80mm ED mounted on a NEQ6 pro. 

Processes using Deep Sky Stacker , Photoshop and Instagram.

Taken at Riverwood, NSW.