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Venus Jupiter Conjunction

 Conjunction is a phenomena when two or more celestial body appear to be close in the sky. Here in this photo of the recent planetary conjunction of Venus(left) and Jupiter is at their closest taken July 1,2015. 





Jupiter 12/16

Jupiter 12/16

Recording 2 minute avi instead of 1 min significantly increases frames which results to more detail in post processing. However blur due to Jupiter’s rotation becomes noticeable if one record longer.

In this current set up atleast, it rotation has little effects on the image which was captured at f10.

Images were captured using PAS’s Celestron Nexstar 8se and Philips Toucam. Acquired via Sharpcap, processed using Registax V5 and CS3. Observed from Malabon City, Philippines

Jupiter 12/7 GRS and Io

jupiter 12_7_2012 10_32_38 PM

An isolated rain in the afternoon posed a threat the planned observation for the night. It cleared up in late evening but seeing was mediocre. I’ve waited for GRS to transit while it was a luck that Io was captured within the FOV.

12/7/12 10:32 PM Local Time (+8 UTC)

jupiter 12_7_2012 10_47_02 PM

Using a 2x barlow lens was rather difficult to keep it at center. This image was processed with 2 AVI file stiched VirtualDub.  Hint of Red Spot Jr. (Left of GRS)

12/7/12 10:47 PM Local Time (+8 UTC)

Images were captured using Celestron Nexstar 8se and Philips Toucam.  Acquired via Sharpcap, processed using Registax V5 and CS3.  Observed from Malabon City, Philippines.


Jupiter and Io 11/27/12

Jupiter 11/27/12

Taken using Celestron Nexstar 8se and Philips Toucam. Acquired via SharpCap, cropped using Castrator, proccessed using Registax V5. A 2x barlow lens was used in capturing image.

Io and its shadow can be seen on the image.


Jupiter and Io’s Shadow

A quick test image on Jupiter last November 21, 2012 using Philippine Astronomical Society’s  Celestron c8 SE known as Rica Jane.  Io’s shadow on the side can be seen.

Jupiter – 10/31/2012

According on the Stellarium, GRS will start to transit at around 3:00am but it did not happen until 4:00am this morning. I wish I could wait till 5:00 am but I felt tired already. T_T

Image was captured using Meade ETX 125 and Philips Toucam Pro. SharpCap, Castrator and Regsitax were used for acquisition and processing of pictures.

12:35am Local Time ( +8 UTC)

1:48am Local Time (+8 UTC)

3:14am Local Time (+8 UTC)

3:50am Local Time (+8 UTC)

Jupiter – 10/13/2012

The sky was generous for a few moments until the clouds came rolling in. Luckily, we were able to capture a few frames of Jupiter.  The image was taken at Subic during the Philippine Astronomical Society Planning Session using Celestron C6 SCT on EQ5 mount using Philips Toucam


Jupiter – August 20, 2012

I had again the chance of imaging Jupiter after that monstrous monsoon using Meade ETX 125 and Toucam. 244 frames were registered and stacked using Registax, contrast adjusments were done using Gimp, image acquisition via SharpCap.

Just Clouds

Clouds and rains,  that’s all that I had tonight.  No Draconids, No Moon.

Just clouds.

For the mean time, I just did some processing using Registax on an avi file of Jupiter that I captured a few days ago.

Raw Avi:



Finished Product: