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Feeding Mosquitoes

Yep, figuratively and literally those little insects feast on both of my chicken pox infested legs last night while I was trying to image Mars. I hope they did suck out the varicella virus as well.

I hope to get well soon, I am certainly missing a lot already.     T_T


Aperture Kills

I was able to get my hands on a 12 inch dobs of a Manila Cathedral School for their  star gazing activity.  Such a big telescope gives well detail on objects. I tried it and imaged Mars and Saturn using my webcam, but oh boy it was neck breaking  just to target the planets on the screen! But the pain is paid of the pleasure of the images produced from the 4 second clip I managed to capture.

The northern polar cap is now prominent

                                                    Mars in higher gain setting

More detail present in this image, Cassini division, bands etc.

Hello Mars!

Finally I was able to capture Mars for the first time. I’m trying to convince myself that I see those surface features and its polar cap. I’ll use barlow lens on my next attempt.

this tiny red dot is actually Mars.